Unit 23. Episode 2. At the Hotel.

Unit 23. Episode 2. Sarah’s mother is calling the reception. Listen to them.

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Receptionist Reception. How may I help you?
Sarah’s mom Hello! I am calling from room 57. I’d like to order dinner for 5 o’clock.
Receptionist Sure. What would you like to have?
Sarah’s mom I would like a steak with vegetables for two people, please.
Receptionist Would you like anything to drink?
Sarah’s mom Yes, please. Two cups of apple juice.
Receptionist Alright. Anything else?
Sarah’s mom Yes, I would also like to ask about the gym. Does this hotel have one?
Receptionist Yes, ma’am, and our gym is open 24/7.
Sarah’s mom Great! Would you please tell me where it is?
Receptionist Sure! It’s on the ground floor, right under the lobby.
Sarah’s mom What about the swimming pool? Is it on the same floor?
Receptionist Yes, it is. It’s next to the gym.
Sarah’s mom Good! I should remember all this (laughing).
Receptionist Let me help you, ma’am. In your room there is a hotel map on the small table between the armchairs.
Sarah’s mom Really? Let me see. Here it is. Thank you so much.
Receptionist You are welcome! Anything else?
Sarah’s mom Oh yes. I would like to get two fresh towels, please. Can you send the towels now? We’re leaving soon.
Receptionist Sure!
Sarah’s mom How long will it take?
Receptionist 5 minutes. I’ll ask the staff to bring them.
Sarah’s mom Thank you for your help!


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