Unit 10. Episode 2. At the Restaurant.

Unit 10. Episode 2. David and Sarah are at the restaurant. Listen to them.


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David Hi Sarah!
Sarah Hello! How are you?
David I’m good. How are you?
Sarah Good, thanks.
David You look wonderful!
Sarah Oh, thank you David!
David It’s cold. Let’s go into the restaurant!
Sarah Ok. Let’s go.
Waitress Welcome to Tom’s Restaurant.
David Excuse me, Miss. We would like a table for two.
Waitress Do you smoke?
David No, we don’t.
Waitress Please, follow me. We have a table for you in the non-smoking area.
David Can we have a menu, please?
Waitress Sure. Here you are.
David Would you like mineral water, Sarah?
Sarah Hmm. I would like to have orange juice.
David Ok then. We would like a bottle of mineral water and a glass of orange juice, please.
Waitress What would you like for the main course?
David What do you suggest?
Waitress I recommend steak or fish with potatoes.
Sarah I don’t want beef. Ok. I would like to have fish and potatoes.
David I like fish too. But today I would like to have roast chicken and vegetable soup.
Sarah That’s a good choice David!
David I can share it with you.
Sarah Oh no, David, thank you. Enjoy it.


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