Unit 10. Episode 1. At the Restaurant. Words and Phrases. Listen and repeat.


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You look wonderful! (x2)
Welcome! (x2)
Follow me (x2)
Excuse me (x2)
A table for two (x2)
Do you smoke? (x2)
Non-smoking area (x2)
A menu (x2)
Can we have a menu? (x2)
What would you like? (x2)
What would you suggest? (x2)
The main course (x2)
Beef (x2)
Steak (x2)
Fish (x2)
Chicken (x2)
Roast chicken (x2)
Vegetable soup (x2)
A bottle of mineral water (x2)
A glass of orange juice (x2)
I would like a bottle of mineral water. (x2)
I would like to have orange juice. (x2)
That’s a good choice. (x2)
I can share it with you. (x2)
Enjoy it! (x2)