Unit 4. Episode 2. Seasons and Weather.

Unit 4. Episode 2. Listen to a conversation between David and Sarah.


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David It’s sunny today!
Sarah Yes, it is! It’s spring. I like spring.
David In Montreal spring is cloudy and rainy.
Sarah In Chicago March is not rainy. It’s snowy.
David Really?
Sarah Yes! It’s also windy.
David I like summer.
Sarah Is it hot in Canada in summer?
David It’s sunny. But it’s not very hot.
Sarah My friends are from Brazil.
David Are they from Rio de Janeiro?
Sarah No, they are not. They are from São Paulo.
David Their winters are hot and their summers are cold.
Sarah Interesting!
David I also like fall.
Saraհ My birthday is in fall.
David In September?
Sarah No, in November.
David My birthday is in September.

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