English 1 is a podcast intended for beginning English learners. It consists of 24 units with 2 episodes per unit. The first episode of each unit aims to provide the learners with an extensive scaffolding of the language items (words and chunks) that construct the dialogue of the second episode.

Here are some recommendations for the potential users:

  • Follow the sequence of the units as each unit is based on the previous one;
  • Listen to each episode at least twice;
  • Repeat the words/chunks after the presenter;
  • Translate the scripts using the translation tool at the top right corner of each episode;
  • Complete the follow-up activities;
  • Keep a vocabulary notebook for future reference.

This podcast is a capstone project produced by Arus Khcheyan and Seda Arakelyan – MA TEFL students at the American University of Armenia. Generous support with editing, proof-reading, and voice-acting was provided by Rachel Puidk, Steven Thomson, Maria Paula Segura and Kelsey Rowe, Peace Corps Volunteers in Armenia.

Hope you will find the podcast useful!