Unit 24. Episode 2. At the Bank.

Unit 24. Episode 2. David wants to open a bank account. The clerk is asking him for some information. Listen to them.

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Clerk Good morning, sir! How can I help you?
David Good morning! I would like to open a bank account.
Clerk What kind of account do you want?
David I want a savings account.
Clerk Alright. I need some information.
David Sure. What information do you need?
Clerk What is your last name?
David Smith.
Clerk And your first name?
David David.
Clerk Can I have your date of birth, please?
David September 12, 1992.
Clerk Can I have your address?
David 90 Atkinson Avenue, Toronto.
Clerk And the postcode?
David M3J 2S5
Clerk Your phone number, please?
David 416 338 2367
Clerk Can I have your e-mail address?
Clerk What is your job?
David I am a programmer.
Clerk Are you married or single?
David I’m single.
Clerk Alright. We also need a photocopy of your ID card and a passport-size photo.
David Ok. Is that all?
Clerk Yes, Sir. I only need your signature here?
David Sure.
Clerk Bring the documents on Tuesday or send them by e-mail. Here is my contact information.
David Can I get the card on Tuesday?
Clerk Yes. It’ll be ready by Tuesday.
David Thank you very much!
Clerk You’re welcome!

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