Unit 22. Episode 2. At Barcelona Airport.

Unit 22. Episode 2. Sarah’s mother and father are at Barcelona – El Prat Airport.  Listen to them.

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Customs Officer Welcome to Spain. Can I see your passport, please?
Lily Sure. Here you are.
Customs Officer Where are you coming from?
Lily I am coming from Chicago.
Customs Officer What is the purpose of your visit?
Lily I’m on vacation.
Customs Officer How long are you planning to stay?
Lily For one week.
Customs Officer Where will you stay?
Lily I will stay at a hotel in Barcelona.
Customs Officer Which hotel?
Lily The Grand Hotel.
Customs Officer Do you have any baggage?
Lily Yes, this suitcase and this carry-on bag.
Customs Officer Do you have anything to declare?
Lily I’m not sure.
Customs Officer Ok. What type of goods do you have: any gifts, cigarettes or any drinks?
Lily Just a bottle of perfume.
Customs Officer Is it from the duty-free store, or…?
Lily Yes, it’s from the Chicago airport duty-free store.
Customs Officer I see. Are you bringing gifts for anybody in Spain?
Lily No, that’s for me.
Customs Officer Then you don’t have anything to declare. Ok! Now you should step through the scanner.
Lily (beep, beep, beep) What’s wrong?
Customs Officer Please step back. Do you have any keys in your pockets?
Lily No, but I have some coins.
Customs Officer That’s the problem. Empty your pockets, please.
Lily Where should I put my coins?
Customs Officer In this bin, please. Now walk through the scanner again. Good! Enjoy your stay in Spain!
Lily Thank you. Have a nice day.


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