Unit 21. Episode 2. At the Travel Agency.

Unit 21. Episode 2. Sarah books a trip for her mom and dad.

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Travel Agent Good afternoon ma’am. Welcome to our travel agency! How can I help you?
Sarah Good afternoon, can you please help me book a trip to Spain?
Travel Agent Sure! For how many people?
Sarah For 2 people, please: for my mom and dad.
Travel Agent When would they like to travel?
Sarah They have a holiday the first week of August.
Travel Agent What cities in particular would they like to visit?
Sarah Do you have any suggestions?
Travel Agent I suggest Barcelona and Granada. In August it’s sunny and hot there.
Sarah Which trip is cheaper?
Travel Agent Barcelona will be cheaper in August. Also, you will get a free transfer to and from your hotel to the airport.
Sarah That’s great! What kind of hotel is it?
Travel Agent It’s a four-star-hotel near the beach. It’s a double room with wifi, air conditioning and a fridge.
Sarah Is there an outdoor pool?
Travel Agent Yes, there’s a pool.
Sarah What about meals?
Travel Agent We can offer full-board or half-board.
Sarah I’ll choose half-board. My mom and dad like traveling a lot. I think they’ll eat out often.
Travel Agent Ok. So the total price of the trip will be 2500 dollars.
Sarah Thank you so much for your help!
Travel Agent You’re welcome.

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