Unit 20. Episode 2. David invites Sarah to the cinema. Listen to them.

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David Hi Sarah! How is it going?
Sarah Great, Dave! How are you?
David I feel better now. I’m not taking medicine any more.
Sarah Good to know!
David Would you like to watch a movie tonight?
Sarah That’s a good idea!
David We can go to Oscar’s Cinema.
Sarah What’s on?
David Well, there are different movies: a comedy, a melodrama, an action movie and a horror movie.
Sarah I don’t like watching horror movies. What about you?
David I watch them sometimes but  I prefer watching action movies. I watched one yesterday.
Sarah So we should choose the comedy or the melodrama, right?
David Which one do you prefer?
Sarah I would prefer the melodrama.
David Then we should call and reserve tickets.
Cinema Agent Oscar’s cinema. Good morning, how may I help you?
David Good morning. I would like to reserve two tickets for the movie “Wonderful Tonight” at 7 p.m.
Cinema Agent What seat do you prefer – in the middle or in the back?
David In the middle, please.
Cinema Agent Ok, your seats are in row 8, seats 5 and 6.
David Great! Please reserve the seats. How much is it?
Cinema Agent   15 dollars.
David Great, I am paying with a credit card. My credit card number is – 324581224.
Cinema Agent   I got your payment. Thank you.
David Thank you. Bye!


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