Unit 20. Episode 1. Going to the Cinema.

Unit 20. Going to the Cinema. Episode 1. Words and Phrases. Listen and repeat.

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I feel better now (2)
Good to know (2)
To watch a movie (2)
Tonight (2)
Would you like to watch a movie tonight? (2)
We can go to Oscar’s Cinema. (2)
What’s on? (2)
Different movies (2)
A comedy (2)
A melodrama (2)
An action movie (2)
A horror movie (2)
I like watching action movies. (2)
I don’t like watching horror movies. (2)
I watched one yesterday. (2)
We should choose the comedy or the melodrama. (2)
Which one do you prefer? (2)
I would prefer the melodrama. (2)
To reserve tickets (2)
We should call and reserve tickets. (2)
What seat do you prefer? (2)
In the middle (2)
In the back (2)
A row (2)
Your seats are in row 8. (2)
I’m paying with a credit card. (2)
A credit card number (2)
I got your payment. (2)