Unit 19. Episode 2. David is Sick.

Unit 19. Episode 2. Sarah is calling David. Listen to them.

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Sarah Hey David! It’s Sarah. Long time, no talk.
David Hi Sarah. You’re right. I’m sorry.
Sarah Are you busy now?
David No, I’m free.
Sarah Are you sick, Dave?
David Yes, I got sick after Robert’s birthday.
Sarah I think it was cold in the garden.
David Yes, it was. It was also windy. So I got the flu.
Sarah Are you taking any medicine?
David Yes. I am taking anti-flu.
Sarah You should drink a lot of tea. Do you have a fever?
David Yep. I had a high fever yesterday. It was 104 F.
Sarah Really?
David Yes, I also had a headache.
Sarah You should see a doctor!
David I saw my doctor yesterday! I went to the hospital with my father.
Sarah That’s good. Hey! Can I visit you?
David Sure! But you should wear a mask.
Sarah Ok. Do you need anything?
David No, thank you.
Sarah I think you need oranges.
David Great! See you then.
Sarah Get well soon! Bye!
David Goodbye!


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