Unit 19. Episode 1. David is Sick.

Unit 19. David is sick. Episode 1. Words and Phrases. Listen and repeat.


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Long time, no talk. (2)
Sick (2)
Are you sick? (2)
To get sick (2)
I got sick. (2)
It was cold in the garden. (2)
It was also windy. (2)
Anti-flu (2)
I’m taking anti-flu. (2)
You should have a lot of tea. (2)
I had a high fever yesterday. (2)
You should see a doctor. (2)
I saw my doctor yesterday. (2)
To go to the hospital (2)
I went to the hospital. (2)
A mask (2)
You should wear a mask. (2)
Get well soon! (2)