Unit 18. Episode 2. David Sees a Doctor.

Unit 18. Episode 2. David sees a doctor. Listen to them.

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David Hi doctor Martens!
Doctor Hello David! How are you feeling?
David I don’t feel good. I have a stomachache and a headache.
Doctor Do you have a fever?
David I don’t know but I am shivering.
Doctor Let me check your temperature. Your fever is 104 F. Let me check your pulse too.
David Ok.
Doctor Ok, now let me check your throat. Open your mouth, please. Hmm. Your throat is red.
David Yes, it’s sore.
Doctor You must have the flu. So, I’m giving you some medicine.
David How often should I take the medicine?
Doctor You must take it twice a day, for five days. Also, you must stay in bed. Do you work David?
David Yes.
Doctor So, you must not go to work and you must have more rest.
David What can I eat?
Doctor You must eat soup and fruits. And you mustn’t drink cold drinks.
David Anything else doctor Martens?
Doctor That’s all. Remember to drink lots of water. And come to see me in 5 days.
David Thank you!
Doctor Sure, David! Call me if you have a high fever.
David Ok, thanks!
Doctor Good bye!


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