Unit 17. Episode 2. Job Interview.

Unit 17. Episode 2. Sarah is at the job interview.

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Interviewer Good morning!
Sarah Good morning!
Interviewer Please, come in and take your seat.
Sarah Thank you!
Interviewer My name is Steven Carter, and I’m the General Manager of the Star Supermarket.

Please, introduce yourself.

Sarah I’m Sarah Johnson. I’m studying at the Business College. I’m a future accountant.
Interviewer Nice to meet you, Sarah. So, we have 2 vacancies now: shop-assistant and cashier.

Which job are you interested in?

Sarah I am interested in the cashier’s job.
Interviewer Do you have any experience?
Sarah Yes, I do. I started working summer. I worked as a shop-assistant at a bakery.
Interviewer Describe your job, please.
Sarah I assisted the customers, organized and cleaned the shelves, and answered calls.
Interviewer What about your working hours?
Sarah I started at 8 a.m and finished at 4 p.m.
Interviewer Which do you prefer, night shifts or day shifts?
Sarah Well, I am studying now and I would prefer night shifts.
Interviewer Do you know how to use a cash register and a credit card machine?
Sarah Not yet, but I think I can do it. I just need training.
Interviewer Good, Sarah. We can offer you the job.
Sarah Night shifts, right?
Interviewer Yes, that’s right!
Sarah That’s great! Thank you. When do I start the job?
Interviewer You can start on Monday.


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