Unit 16. Episode 1. Let’s Take a Bus.

Unit 16. Let’s Take a Bus. Episode 1. Words and phrases. Listen and repeat.

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Where should we go? (2)
We should go to the city center. (2)
We are going to the café. (2)
That’s a good place. (2)
Yesterday (2)
I was there yesterday. (2)
I had lunch with my sister. (2)
A taxi (2)
A bus (2)
To take a taxi (2)
To take a bus (2)
We can walk there. (2)
What do you think? (2)
I think it’s late already. (2)
To hurry (2)
We should hurry. (2)
Rush hour (2)
It’s rush hour. (2)
To get a taxi (2)
It’s impossible. (2)
It’s impossible to get a taxi during rush hour. (2)
A bus stop (2)
Is that a bus stop over there? (2)
Every 10 minutes (2)
There is a bus every 10 minutes. (2)
To catch a bus (2)
We should run to catch the bus. (2)