Unit 15. Episode 1. Ann Was My Best Friend.

Unit 15. Ann was my best friend. Episode 1. Words and phrases. Listen and repeat.


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Good afternoon! (x2)
A surprise (x2)
What a nice surprise! (x2)
City center (x2)
I’m going to the city center (x2)
I’m  meeting Ann there. (x2)
Is it Ann from our class? (x2)
To remember (x2)
Still (x2)
It’s wonderful! (x2)
You still remember her. (x2)
She was my best friend. (x2)
We were kids. (x2)
Same (x2)
You were from the same street. (x2)
Neighbors (x2)
They were our neighbors. (x2)
A year ago (x2)
She was in London a year ago. (x2)
To visit (x2)
She is here to visit her family. (x2)
Where does she work? (x2)
She works at a bank. (x2)
An accountant (x2)
She is an accountant. (x2)
A smart girl (x2)
Ann was a very smart girl. (x2)
She had a small dog. (x2)
They were always together. (x2)
A funny dog (x2)
He was a funny dog. (x2)
We were a group of three. (x2)
A lot of the same interests (x2)
We had a lot of the interests. (x2)
Don’t you want to meet Ann? (x2)
Maybe you want to be alone. (x2)
Don’t worry. (x2)