Unit 14. Episode 2. David Loves Doing Sports.

Unit 14. Episode 2. Sarah is calling her friend Ellen. They talk about David.


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Sarah Hi Ellen, what’s up?
Ellen Hello, Sarah, I’m good. How are you?
Sarah I miss you!
Ellen Oh! I miss you too. When can we meet?
Sarah Maybe this weekend?
Ellen Perfect!
Sarah Ok. Great! (pause) Hey Ellen, do you know David?
Ellen Who is David?
Sarah David Smith. He is a college student.
Ellen What is he studying?
Sarah He is studying programming.
Ellen Hmm. I don’t know him.
Sarah He is my good friend. I love spending time with him.
Ellen Interesting!
Sarah He is smart and honest. And likes helping people.
Ellen Nice! Do you meet often?
Sarah We like chatting on Facebook. And we also like going to the gym together.
Ellen Does he like doing sports?
Sarah He likes playing chess. We often play chess together.
Ellen That’s great!
Sarah He also likes playing football. Hey! He is playing tomorrow. We can go and watch him.
Ellen Hmm, I’m sorry but I prefer staying at home. I have lots of homework.
Sarah No problem. You can join us next time.


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