Unit 13. Episode 2. Birthday Party.

Unit 13. Episode 2. David and Sarah are at Robert’s birthday party. Listen to them.


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Sarah Wow! The birthday party is in the garden!
David Yes, our house is small.
Sarah It’s a good idea. There are lots of people.
David Is your house smaller than our house?
Sarah No, our house is bigger than your house.
David That’s good.  Do you like the decorations?
Sarah Yes they are wonderful!
David Look at Robert!
Sarah He looks so happy.
David He is the happiest boy today.
Sarah Is he older than Jessica?
David Yes. Robert is older than Jessica. He is eleven and Jessica is nine.
Sarah And you are the oldest.
David How do you know? Is your sister younger than you?
Sarah Yes, she is younger.
David Okay! Let’s join the others!
Sarah Let’s go! Happy birthday, Robert!
Robert Thank you!
Sarah I wish you the best! And this book is for you.
Robert Thank you! I like Harry Potter books.
Sarah Oh! That’s good!
David It’s time for the cake.
Sarah Let’s sing together!
Everyone Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Robert, Happy birthday to you!

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