Unit 9. Episode 1. At the Supermarket.

Unit 9. Episode 1. At the supermarket. Words and Phrases. Listen and repeat.


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A shopping basket (x2)
Take a shopping basket. (x2)
A shopping list (x2)
I have a shopping list. (x2)
What do we need? (x2)
Fruit (x2)
Vegetables (x2)
Meat (x2)
Pork (x2)
Chicken (x2)
An egg (x2)
Dairy products (x2)
A banana (x2)
An orange (x2)
An apple (x2)
A tomato (x2)
A cucumber (x2)
A potato (x2)
A kilo of potatoes (x2)
Two kilos of apples (x2)
Half a kilo of cheese (x2)
Get half a kilo of cheese (x2)
A carton of milk (x2)
A yogurt (x2)
Fruit and vegetable section (x2)
Dairy section (x2)
Bakery section (x2)
How many yogurts do we need? (x2)
We need five yogurts. (x2)
How much bread do we need? (x2)
We need a loaf of bread. (x2)