Unit 8. Episode 2. A Shopping Day.

Unit 8. Episode 2. Sarah and her mother go shopping. Listen to them.


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Sarah Mom, I want to buy a shirt and jeans. Let’s go to this store. They always have nice clothes.
Sarah’s mother Let’s go, Sarah! They have good prices too.
Salesperson Hello. Can I help you?
Sarah Yes, please.  I want a shirt and a pair of jeans.
Salesperson What size do you wear?
Sarah I wear a medium.
Salesperson Do you like this black shirt?
Sarah No, not really.
Salesperson Okay. Do you like that red shirt?
Sarah That one? Yes, I do. I want to try it on.
Salesperson How is it?
Sarah It’s my size. I like it. And where can I find jeans?
Salesperson Here they are. We have blue and grey jeans.
Sarah Give me a pair of blue jeans, please, – size 12.
Salesperson Here you are.
Sarah Thank you. How much are the shirt and the jeans together?
Salesperson 54 dollars.
Sarah Can I pay with a credit card?
Salesperson Yes, of course.
Sarah Mom, do you want to buy anything?
Sarah’s mother I want to buy this white jacket.
Sarah It suits you.
Sarah’s mother Thank you, Sarah! And I want to buy this red t-shirt for your father.
Sarah I like it.
Sarah’s mother Is it his size?
Sarah Yes, it’s a large.
Sarah’s mother That’s good!

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