Unit 8. Episode 1. A Shopping Day.

Unit 8. Episode 1. A Shopping Day. Words and Phrases. Listen and repeat.


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A black shirt (x2)
A white jacket (x2)
A pair of blue jeans (x2)
Let’s go (x2)
Let’s go to this store. (x2)
Nice clothes (x2)
They always have nice clothes. (x2)
Good prices (x2)
They have good prices. (x2)
Can I help you? (x2)
Yes, please. (x2)
What size do you wear? (x2)
I wear a medium. (x2)
Do you like this red shirt? (x2)
That one? (x2)
I want to try it on. (x2)
How is it? (x2)
It’s large. (x2)
It’s my size. (x2)
It fits you well. (x2)
I like it. (x2)
Where can I find jeans? (x2)
Here they are. (x2)
Can you give me a pair of blue jeans? (x2)
Here you are. (x2)
How much are the shirt and the jeans? (x2)
A credit card (x2)
Can I pay with a credit card? (x2)
Yes, of course. (x2)