Unit 7. Episode 1. Plans for the Weekend. Words and phrases. Days of the week. Listen and repeat.


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Monday (x2)
Tuesday (x2)
Wednesday (x2)
Thursday (x2)
Friday (x2)
Saturday (x2)
Sunday (x2)
On Monday (x2)
Are you busy on Monday? (x2)
I work (x2)
I work on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. (x2)
When do you finish work? (x2)
I finish work at four o’clock. (x2)
Can we have dinner? (x2)
Sorry. (x2)
I usually go shopping. (x2)
I clean the house. (x2)
Can you come to the restaurant at seven o’clock? (x2)
I can come. (x2)
See you! (x2)