Unit 6․ Episode 2. My Routine․

Unit 6. Episode 2. Listen to a conversation between Sarah and David.


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David Sarah, when do you wake up?
Sarah I wake up early.
David Really?
Sarah I usually wake up at six o’clock. I take a shower and get ready for work. I leave home at seven fifteen.
David And what about weekends?
Sarah On weekends, I sleep until ten or eleven o’clock.
David I wake up at seven thirty.
Sarah At seven thirty?
David Yes. And I always have breakfast.
Sarah That’s really good. I always have coffee in the morning, but I don’t usually have breakfast.
David What about lunch?
Sarah I always have lunch in the afternoon. How about you?
David I’m busy in the afternoon. I don’t usually have lunch.
Sarah I see. When do you have dinner?
David In the evening – around five or six.
Sarah My family always has dinner at five o’clock sharp.
David When do you finish work?
Sarah At four forty-five.
David That’s early. I finish work at eight.
Sarah Hmm. That’s late. So you go home at night.
David Yes. And I go to bed very late too.

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