Unit 6․ Episode 1. My Routine․

Unit 6. Episode 1. My Routine. Words and phrases. Listen and repeat.

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When do you wake up? (x2)
I wake up early. (x2)
I usually wake up at six o’clock. (x2)
What about weekends? (x2)
On weekends (x2)
On weekends, I sleep until ten or eleven o’clock. (x2)
I take a shower. (x2)
I get ready for work. (x2)
I leave home at seven fifteen. (x2)
We have breakfast around eight o’clock. (x2)
We always have breakfast. (x2)
I don’t usually have breakfast. (x2)
In the morning (x2)
I always have coffee in the morning. (x2)
In the afternoon (x2)
I always have lunch in the afternoon. (x2)
I don’t usually have lunch. (x2)
I’m busy in the afternoon. (x2)
When do you have dinner? (x2)
In the evening (x2)
My family always has dinner. (x2)
At five o’clock sharp (x2)
When do you finish work? (x2)
I finish work at four forty-five. (x2)
You go home at night. (x2)
I go to bed very late. (x2)