Unit 7. Episode 2. Plans for the Weekend.

Unit 7. Episode 2. Listen to Sarah and David talking about their weekend plans. 

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David Hey Sarah! How are you?
Sarah Hi David! I’m good, thanks. How are you?
David I’m fine. Are you busy on Monday?
Sarah Yes! I’m busy. I work on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
David Hmm. I work on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. When do you finish work?
Sarah I finish work at four forty-five.
David I finish at eight o’clock. Can we have dinner on Friday?
Sarah Oh, sorry. I cannot. I’m busy on Friday too.
David Ok. And what about the weekend?
Sarah Well, on Saturday I usually go shopping. Then I clean the house.
David I see. On Saturday I usually go shopping too. And what about Sunday?
Sarah On Sunday I wake up late. Then I have lunch with my family.
David Are you free after lunch?
Sarah Yes, I’m free.
David I’m free on Sunday too. So can we have dinner on Sunday in the evening?
Sarah Sure! When?
David Can you come to Tom’s Restaurant at seven o’clock?
Sarah Okay! I can come.
David Great! See you at the restaurant then!


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