Unit 5. Episode 2. Sarah’s House․

Unit 5. Episode 2. Listen to a conversation between Sarah and her mother.


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Mom Sarah, there is a big house. We want to buy it.
Sarah Wow! That’s great, mom! What kind of house is it?
Mom The house has a living-room, a kitchen, three bedrooms and a bathroom.
Sarah What is in the living-room?
Mom There is a couch, a table and six chairs, two armchairs and a bookcase.
Sarah Is there a TV?
Mom No, there is no TV.
Sarah How about the kitchen?
Mom There are cupboards, a fridge and a stove.
Sarah Is there a washing machine?
Mom No, there isn’t.
Sarah And what is in the bathroom?
Mom There is a bathtub and a toilet. But there is no sink.
There are three bedrooms.
Sarah That’s great! Now I have my own bedroom.
Mom Right! There are beds in the bedrooms. But there are no wardrobes.
Sarah Is there a garden?
Mom Yes, there is a garden and a garage.
Sarah That’s a really nice house mom!


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