Unit 3. Episode 1. How Are You?

Unit 3. Episode 1. How Are You? Words and phrases. Numbers continued. Listen and repeat.

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11 eleven (x2)
12 twelve (x2)
13 thirteen (x2)
14 fourteen (x2)
15 fifteen (x2)
16 sixteen (x2)
17 seventeen (x2)
18 eighteen (x2)
19 nineteen (x2)
20 twenty (x2)
21 twenty-one (x2)
30 thirty (x2)
32 thirty-two (x2)
40 forty (x2)
43 forty-three (x2)
50 fifty (x2)
54 fifty-four (x2)
60 sixty (x2)
65 sixty-five (x2)
70 seventy (x2)
76 seventy-six (x2)
80 eighty (x2)
87 eighty-seven (x2)
90 ninety (x2)
98 ninety-eight (x2)
100 one hundred (x2)
Good morning! (x2)
How are you? (x2)
I am fine. (x2)
I am great. (x2)
Thanks! (x2)
This is ․․․ ․ (x2)
This is my sister. (x2)
This is my sister Jessica. (x2)
How old are you? (x2)
I am nine. (x2)
This is Sarah. (x2)
We are friends. (x2)
Are you sad? (x2)
She is angry. (x2)
She wants (x2)
She wants an ice-cream. (x2)
I want (x2)
I want two ice-creams. (x2)