Unit 2. Episode 1. David’s Family.

Unit 2. Episode 1. David’s Family. Words and phrases. Listen and repeat. Numbers 0-10.

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0 zero (x2)
1 one (x2)
2 two (x2)
3 three (x2)
4 four (x2)
5 five (x2)
6 six (x2)
7 seven (x2)
8 eight (x2)
9 nine (x2)
10 ten (x2)
I have (x2)
A big family (x2)
I have a big family. (x2)
A father (x2)
My father (x2)
A mother (x2)
My mother (x2)
I have a father and a mother. (x2)
My father’s name (x2)
My mother’s name (x2)
My father’s name is John. (x2)
My mother’s name is Lily. (x2)
A brother (x2)
A sister (x2)
I have a brother and a sister. (x2)
His name (x2)
Her name (x2)
His name is Robert. (x2)
Her name is Jessica. (x2)
Robert is ten. (x2)
Jessica is nine. (x2)
My dog (x2)
This is my dog. (x2)
He is big. (x2)
His name (x2)
His name is Charlie. (x2)
I also have (x2)
A grandmother (x2)
A grandfather (x2)
An aunt (x2)
An uncle (x2)
I also have a grandmother and a grandfather. (x2)
I also have an aunt and an uncle. (x2)